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The Secrets Of My Journey To Self-Made Internet Millionaire
Learn How I
  • Started 5 separate £ million pound businesses online
  • Went to Necker Island and met Sir Richard Branson
  • Got to speak alongside former president Bill Clinton and  The World's Top Peak Performance Coach Tony Robbins 
  • Drove my dream car, a brand new Ferrari 
  • Went from playing in a pub band to perform at the O2 Arena 
  • Purchased my dream property; the 35 acre estate used for the ITV’s hit 90’s show ‘The Darling Buds of May’ - starring Catherine Zeta Jones and David Jason.   

There are over 20 real-life student success stories in this book. It is an inspiring journey and an educational guide, showing how anyone can use the internet to grow or create their own online business.

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The book is absolutely FREE. 

Hi, my name is Simon Coulson

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As Seen In .....
Success Stories

"Over £5 million turnover to date"

My friend Rick Munn, was my first student. Together we launched 'How To Become' -  the UK’s leading careers information and development website. Rick and his expert team continue to grow this award willing online business.

"£135,000 From My First Info Product"

In the first month of trading, I made £3,500 which more than covered the investment in the training. At a conservative estimate I've made at least £135,000 profit with this business. The beauty is that it takes up very little of my time and is run from my home.
Keith Franklyn -

"Over £500K per annum"

I was passionate about a drastic career change, but with no business background and little internet knowledge I 'took a gamble' going on one of Simon's courses. I started with minimal funds, and I'm pleased to say the results were almost immediate. Now I am an international expert in my field with a portfolio of A list clients and a healthy turnover of more than 500k pa.
Frankie Widdows -

"50% Growth In Just 12 Months"

My business grew quite quickly, but I came across some teething problems and wanted to cut costs. I decided to learn how to do my own promotion on the Internet, despite not knowing a thing. I did Simon's course, and found it was much more effective and less costly and stressful doing it myself. Since working with Simon our business has grown by 50% and turnover has increased to over £250k. The results are impressive. It really is a dream come true.
Tom Druitt -

"From £1.50 marketing I got £85,000"

As a direct result of an AdWords campaign Simon taught me how to set up, I attracted a client for £1.50 which resulted in an order worth over £85,000. Clearly this business has changed my lifestyle dramatically. I can afford my daughters school fees, and I've paid a lump off the mortgage. Me and my family are in a position to enjoy luxuries we had not experienced before.
Bob Cuthbertson -

"A Steady Start & Now £8k Per Month"

There was a lot to take in at first, so I gave myself a fairly steady start. Now I have over 70 clients, many new friends in business and my work has taken me all around the UK and abroad. I'm earning as much as £8k some months which is a lot more than my old job, but the best thing is that I have freedom and my partner and I enjoy being able to pick and choose how we spend out time. Simon's courses were the catalysts that got me the lifestyle I wanted.
Paul Gillon -

"No.1 Course Author In My Niche"

Seeing Simon speaking at a seminar blew my mind. He helped me with all the information I was lacking, and inspired me to see my plans to fruition. I have made tens of thousands of pounds from my DVD sets with very little work since I first made them 4 years ago. I have also helped my favourite charities and set up an enterprise for disadvantages pre-teens to build life skills through martial arts.
Alex Buxton -

- An Amazon No.1  Best Seller

"It's refreshing to read a book on creating success written by someone who has actually done what they teach.  He shows how it is possible to create a money making business online. "
Best-selling author of fourteen books including The Work We Were Born To Do

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