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Internet Marketing is one of the fastest changing industries around, shaping the way we eat, communicate and in particular the way we shop. This presents a massive opportunity for anyone who wants to use the internet to make money! 

BUT… trying to stay up to date with what’s really working online can be time-consuming, not to mention CONFUSING! Trying to figure out what tools to use, what strategies are actually working, how to make the most profit in your business, or even how to know if a business idea is likely to work! There is just so much to figure out on your own.

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BUT … What if you have never done any internet marketing before? 

No problem, we have courses that cover everything from getting started online, (even if you don’t have an idea for what to sell yet), to courses on designing your own website. We also have courses on advanced strategies and hacks for growing your business quickly.

We update and add
new courses on
a regular basis.

All our courses are designed in an easy to follow step-by-step approach. Your instructors are experts in their fields, all established and successful online entrepreneurs, who learned their online marketing skills from Simon [founder of Internet Business School].

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Your Gold Card unlocks all of the specialist online training in our easy-to-assimilate courses. Access to this Premium Library puts £10,000 worth of indispensable knowledge at your fingertips, essential to starting and growing your online business.
  • SEO Masterclass
Get Your Website to the Top of Google with our NEW SEO Masterclass. This exciting, comprehensive course will show you exactly what you need to do NOW to get your website to the top of Google. 

  • WordPress Starter
Learn Starter Wordpress Techniques To Create A Totally Customised, Mobile Responsive, Search Engine Ready, Secure Website.

  • WordPress Professional
Learn Advanced Wordpress Techniques To Create A Totally Customised, Mobile Responsive, Search Engine Ready, Secure Website.

  • How to Use Zoom
Learn how to use ZOOM to engage and build an audience. Set up Zoom properly, create meetings and webinars, record & edit your meetings, integrate 3rd party software such as Paypal and Facebook Live.

  • Local Business Marketing
Learn How To Start Your Own Local Business Marketing Agency or Get More Leads, Prospects & Cash Flow To Your Own 'Local' Business.

  • Affiliate/ CPA Marketing
Learn How To Generate A Full Or Part Time Income Online Without Your Own Products or Website.

  • Market Research Money Maker Masterclass
A step by step methodology to amplify your profits & success

  • Business Accelerator Course
Learn Essential, Highly Transferable Marketing Skills To Future-Proof Your Business & Career.

  • Business Outsourcing Mastery
Learn How To Run A Profitable & Highly Successful Business By Using Freelancers & Outsourcers.

  • Become A Pro SEO Consultant
Learn How To Become A Professional Social Media Marketing Consultant With ZERO Experience.

  • Video Marketing Masterclass
Learn How To Use Video To Drive Tons Of Traffic To Boost Your Existing Business Or Promote a Startup.

  • Online Course Creation
Learn How To Create And Sell Your Own Bespoke Online Training Courses.

  • How To Become An Expert in Your Niche
Learn How To Dominate Your Market, Position Yourself As An Industry Expert & Constantly Attract New Customers To Your Business

  • Funnel Marketing Mastery
Learn How to Attract, Convert & Retain Customers 24/7

  • Business Growth Masterclass
TRANSFORM YOUR BUSINESS To survive and thrive this year…and beyond.
A business growth system, filled with simple ONLINE profit boosting Ideas and strategies-galore for business owners everywhere.

  • TokTok Essetials
Are you frustrated with Facebook? Looking for new ways to get your name out there? Want to make marketing fun again?

  • Social Media Marketing Consultant Course
Learn how to become a professional social media marketing consultant with ZERO experience In one of the fastest growing Industries In the 21st century

  • Easy Cash Webinar System
Generate a healthy cashflow & avoid doing any presenting yourself. This is the same system our coaches have used to generate well over 6-figures.

  • Amazon Business Mastery
Learn How To Start, Set Up & Successfully Run Your Very Own Amazon Selling Business.

  • Facebook Ads
Learn How To Use Facebook Ads To Reach Your Ideal Customers, Generate New Leads & Drive Sales In Your Business.

  • Youtube Ads Made Easy
Learn How to Drive Laser Targeted Traffic to Your Offers, Skyrocket Your Sales & Boost Conversions with YouTube Ads. NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE Required.

  • Facebook Marketing Course
Learn How To Use Facebook To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website & Market Your Business.

  • Profit From Events & Seminars
Learn How to Set Up your own Events Business & Start Banking HUGE PROFITS, in as little as One Day ... No Experience Required.

  • Grow A Facebook Group
If you’re looking for an alternative way to market your business effectively while growing your community and increasing your exposure and sales potential.

  • Snapchat Tutorials
Learn All About The Latest Social Media Platform And Why You Should Get In Early To Take Advantage.

  • Pinterest Tutorials
Learn How To Use Pinterest To Reach A New Audience, Generate New Leads & Sales In Your Business.

  • Twitter Tutorials
Learn How To Reach A Global Audience & Promote Your Business With Just 140 Characters On Twitter.

  • Set Up Your Online Store with Shopify
Learn How to Build Your Own Online Store with Shopify ... No Experience Required. This brand NEW over-the-shoulder training is designed to show you how to build your own online store with Shopify

  • Start Your Own Profitable Online Coaching Business
Learn my proven, unique step-by-step method for creating and scaling your very own online coaching business today.

  • Social Media Made Simple
 A Comprehensive Course Which Will Set You Up With a Simple Plan to Grow a Profitable Online Business Using Social Media.

  • Internet Marketing Profits
Learn Step-by-Step How to Create Or Grow Your Own Online Business

  • Get More Done With Trello
Exciting Over-The-Shoulder Video Series On How To Get More Done with Trello

  • Entrepreneurs Marketing Conference
Learn strategies and tactics from 13 business experts on how to digitally grow your business

  • YouTube Channel Hacker
The Ultimate YouTube Marketing Course. Learn How to Set up, Rank Videos & Profit from your own YouTube Channel .. with NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE! 

  • The Ultimate Traffic Hacks
Learn How To Generate More Traffic, Likes & Followers For Your Website, Social Media Platforms & Your Business.

  • Amazon No.1 Bestselling Author
Learn how to write, publish and market a No.1 Amazon Best Selling Book. Join us for this intensive online training course and learn what it takes to get your book to the No.1 spot on Amazon.

  • The Essentials eBay Masterclass
Learn How To Launch Your Own eBay Business With Our Step By Step Ebay Income System.

  • Membership Site In A Day
Learn How To Set Up The Ultimate Passive Income Stream – With A Membership Site. 

  • Book Publishing Course
Learn All You Need Yo Know To Write Your Own Book, Get It Published And Start Making Sales

  • LinkedIn Business Mastery
This highly educational and informative training course will teach you how to create the perfect profile, dramatically increase your exposure and build massive leads

  • Google Ads Masterclass
This NEW intensive training course will show you how to use Google Ads To Create Effective Marketing Campaigns and Quickly Increase Your Profits.

  • Instagram Tutorials
Learn How To Market Your Business, Attract New Leads & Increase Sales Using Instagram.

  • Podcast Masterclass
This information-packed course will teach you the fastest way to set up, run & grow your own highly successful Podcast.

  • Get Started with PayPal
Learn How To Use Video To Drive Tons Of Traffic To Boost Your Existing Business Or Promote a Startup.

  • Webinar Mastery Training

Learn How To Successfully Create, Promote & Deliver Your Own Profitable Online Webinar Join us on this comprehensive online training course where you will learn all you need to know to create, set-up, run and profit from your own online webinars

  • Live In A Day
Develop your online business with our hands-on Intensive business training. Learn how to get a business online quickly & generate sales

  • Jump Into Clubhouse
Learn Why Clubhouse is so Special & Why You Should Get involved!

  • How To Become An Expert In Your Niche
Learn how to dominate your market, position yourself as an industry expert & constantly attract new customers to your business.

  • How to Start Your Online Business
Follow a simple 5 Day challenge to start your online business now!

For all levels of experience

Courses cover everything from getting started online, to designing your own website, as well as advanced strategies and hacks for growing your business quickly.

Expert tuition

Our team of instructors are all established and successful online entrepreneurs, who convey their wealth of experience with an easy to follow step-by-step approach.

Regular Updates

New courses and updates are added regularly. This means you’ll always have access to the latest learning and strategies you need to succeed online.

Meet some of those who’ve used our courses
to create profitable online businesses

“Over £5 million turnover to date” My friend Rick Munn, was my first student. Together we launched 'How To Become' - the UK’s leading careers information and development website. Rick and his expert team continue to grow this award willing online business.
Rick McMunn -
"Over £500K per annum"
I was passionate about a drastic career change, but with no business background and little internet knowledge I 'took a gamble' going on one of Simon's courses. I started with minimal funds, and I'm pleased to say the results were almost immediate. Now I am an international expert in my field with a portfolio of A list clients and a healthy turnover of more than 500k pa.
Frankie Widdows -
"50% Growth In Just 12 Months"
My business grew quite quickly, but I came across some teething problems and wanted to cut costs. I decided to learn how to do my own promotion on the Internet, despite not knowing a thing. I did Simon's course, and found it was much more effective and less costly and stressful doing it myself. Since working with Simon our business has grown by 50% and turnover has increased to over £250k. The results are impressive. It really is a dream come true.
Tom Druitt -

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Our courses have generated incredible results, just look at some of our recent award winners...

Rick McMunn 
£10,000,000 in online sales

Rick McMunn 
£10,000,000 in online sales

Guy Cohen 
£10,000,000 in online sales

Jay Hastings 
£1,000,000 in online sales

Elspeth Hughes
£100,000 in online sales

Hemmel Amrania 
£3,000,000 in online sales

Jamie Michael Joseph £300,000 in online sales

Tom Druitt
£2,000,000 in online sales

Alex Buxton
£100,000 in online sales

Get instant access to over £10,000 worth of internet marketing knowledge for just £47 per month
Get instant access to over £10,000 worth of internet marketing knowledge for just £47 per month